Lots of bands, Disney, and whatever I like I'm young (21), a rebel at heart, and not exactly what I seem on the outside... -Heather P.S. Avenged Sevenfold is my life


fellow Andy ex. No other name for it. They are and forever wll be fello Andy ex’s.

Are you crying?
NO! I got smoke in my eye.

Ugh Rookie Blue why do you have to do this to me?!?!?!! I literally screamed at the tv no show makes me scream at the tv. Somebody love Nick already like why does he always have to be alone. Fucking Sam and Andy, omg that better not be Sam’s baby Marlo is prego with. Don’t stop the honeymoon faze. I hope Gail does not go to San Fran might as well raise the kid with Nick so he can have a family, Holly sucks and so does toothbrush girl for running away from Nick. Traci needs to forgive Steve she’s making him sad. The Peck family does not need to be one big pile of sad. Dov and Chloe just get back together you know you want to. And somebody find someone to make Chris happy. Also give me back Luke. Damn this show.